Jon Emerson Colbath
Fohrbachstr 4
CH – 8702 Zollikon
+41 76 372 2582



I created an English language certification program for Holcim Management and Consulting Ltd. In addition to writing the exams and administering them in eight countries, I developed a preparation course for teachers. I conducted certifications in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia and Morocco.

B&B EndemolShine

I translated and edited the moderation text for the FIFA World Player Gala 2007 and 2008.  This included acting as vocal coach and trainer for the moderators of the live broadcast event, Rainer Marie Salzgeber (2007, 2008), Arabella Kiesbauer (2007), Sylvie van der Vaart (2008).

I was also script writer for 'The Best' The 2016 FIFA awards program broadcast around the world on 09.01.2017.

Zurich Film Festival

I translated and proofread the program for the first Zurich Film Festival 2005. This involved editing and translating the original document from German into English under strict time constraints while working closely with journalist staff.


Beyond conducting English courses, I assisted a store manager in the plan and design of a presentation in English, and coached her delivery and speaking style. I also proofread and translated a business card project for the Globus corporate office.

Reach Marketing

The agency develops communication and advertising projects specifically for the U.S. market and I regularly provide them with copy writing assistance.

Jon Colbath