Jon Emerson Colbath
Fohrbachstr 4
CH – 8702 Zollikon
+41 76 372 2582

Voice Talent

vocals - moderation - characterization

Since 1995 I have performed on stage hundreds of times as singer and comedian. In addition, I have worked as a voice talent, moderator, and voice character.

Jingle Jungle

Advertisers chose my voice for voice-overs,
layouts, and for a variety of commercials
including Mars and Helvetic Tours.

Below is a small sample of voiceovers for various television commercials I have done for Jingle Jungle.




Helvetic Tours

Studio Maunoir

My voice characterization was also used for the American version of the character Victor for the English teaching television program English with Victor.


I am a founding member of the a cappella group a-live and since 2000 have recorded seven CDs and given hundreds of performances.

The Singing Pinguins

I have been a member of this a cappella group since 1995. Since 2009 I have been the musical director and producer of the group’s fourth CD, which will be released in 2010.

Voice Talent